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Mar Galliti – Organic Skincare Rituals

The market of green beauty is expanding rapidly, more and more people get to know the importance and benefits of using natural cosmetics. Yet, there is still a misconception about what natural products really are. A lot of people believe that natural beauty products could only mean weird DIY creams with coconut oil and essential oils, and that could never ever reach the efficiency of “regular” beauty products. For those people, I’d suggest trying the Hungarian brand Mar Galliti, so they can experience when somebody captures the best of nature can offer, pour it in a glass jar together with all her heart & soul and knowledge

Bodhi & Birch – Luxurious Pampering With Superfood Power

The British Bodhi & Birch is one of my favorite green beauty brands. I’m absolutely in love with their products and I support the ethos that the brand represents. I was one of the lucky people who could test B&B’s new range; the Superfoods Series, and I’m telling you, this collection of organic beauty products is an absolute must-have!

My Top 3 Organic Lipsticks For Autumn

For me, the autumn/winter season always brings more dominant makeup looks and stronger, braver lip colors. The mood of the cold season gives an opportunity to try darker shades, different textures, and colors, that you would never even think to try during the other half of the year. Here I collected my favorite organic lipsticks for autumn: