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February 21, 2018 at 8:39 pm

5 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Day*

5 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Day*

Heat can be tiring; it can make you disoriented, sleepy, concentrating on something might seem impossible…But let me tell you there is hope to get back your energy! Follow my 5 tips and I guarantee you will feel better immediately; here is the answer to how to have more energy during the day:


1, Quick Shower


Have a short shower with a fresh, tingly shower gel (my favourite is Bodhi & Birch’s Mint Thé, because it has an amazing scent, leaves my skin silky smooth and it’s natural) use lukewarm water and eventually make it as cool as you can tolerate. The minty scent has an immediate refreshing effect, and the low temperature water speeds up your blood circulation.


how to have more energy during the day


2, Mini Massage


Did you know that we have several pressure points across our body, that can effect our energy and pain levels? Acupressure origins in traditional Chinese medicine and proved to help you stay more alert, energized and pain free. Read the detailed technique here!


how to have more energy during the day

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3, Wet Towel


When there’s no A/C and the heat is unbearable, a wet towel can be your savior. Dampen a towel with cold water, and put it on the back of your neck-shoulder area for a short period of time, then wrap it around your wrist then ankles. As the blood in your veins passes next to the cool towel, it cools down making your whole system feel a bit better, and definitely more fresh.


4, Hot Mint Tea


Tea has wonderful effect on our bodies, especially herbal teas, such as mint. Hot mint tea is one of the most popular drinks in the Middle-East (I’ve had plenty while living in Dubai), they love it for it’s refreshing taste and it’s cooling effect. Yes, you’ve read it right; the hot tea has a proven cooling effect due to the raised body temperature and the increased sweating it causes. Read more about it here!


how to have more energy during the day

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5, Diffusing Energizing Scents


Aromatherapy invigorates body & soul. Diffusing the right essential oils (choose only high quality natural oils, forget the synthetics) can wake you up, refuel your mind with positivity and your body with energy. What scents should you look for?; eucalyptus for cooling, lemon for all round energizing, peppermint for improved concentration.


What is your best trick to overcome the tiredness during the hot summer days?


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20 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Day*

  1. Jeenu Pillai says:

    Wow! i loved your post. Awesome tips to keep ourselves energized. I have got two personal favorites, Pressure Points and Damp Towel.

    1. annaszoke says:

      Thank You for your comment. Pressure points are indeed wonderful!

  2. Great advice…especially for a tired mum in the school holidays. Have never tried mint tea but will give it a go as a change from normal!

    1. annaszoke says:

      You’re gonna love it Shelley, it is so delicious and really refreshing.

  3. Jhilmil says:

    Loved the mint tea option and accupressure. Few years earlier, I used to practise Accupressure and meditation and it brought me immense energy.

    1. annaszoke says:

      Thank you for your comment. To be honest I’m a bit envious of your knowledge, accupressure can be such a huge relief.

  4. I am definitely going to try the hot mint tea and wet towel!
    Such an interesting post! I love it!

  5. Jen S says:

    Great advice! I’m moving into a new apartment right now and I’m definitely looking for ways I can keep it smelling fresh and have been using oil diffusers. I’ve always been a big fan of taking a shower just to feel refreshed too.

  6. I go gym in early morning and i take herbal tea as pre workout, morning working is what makes me more energetic whole day and stress free but your mentioned tips are amazing, i’m gonna try and let you know how i feel 🙂

  7. Laura Dove says:

    A quick shower is definitely my favourite way to refresh! We don’t have much sunshine over here but when it’s really hot I jump in the shower, or the paddling pool!

  8. Airra P says:

    Im actually planning to do aromatherapy before or after work. I tried it once few weeks ago, and I would love to incorporate it on my daily routine 🙂

  9. fashionenzymes says:

    These are the inspiration which everyone needs to follow, to get beautiful skin.

  10. Yukti says:

    Loved the mint tea and damp towel therapy. Acupressure science does miraculous effects energizing the body and mind.

  11. alisonrost says:

    I love spritzes of rose water on my face, 5-10 minutes meditating, or a walk in the afternoon. I’ve also been making my own kombucha and it’s so refreshing when I need an afternoon pick-me-up. x

  12. Nyxloves says:

    OMG! These are so awesome ways to rejuvenate. It’s like bringing SPA at home…love hot mint tea.

  13. Aditi says:

    These are some great tips. I love taking a hot shower after a really tired day and then having a relaxing cup of chamomile tea. 🙂

  14. Well, I like number 3. Since, its really hot in my country as being a tropical type country, this trick would really help me. Thanks for the share.

  15. London Mumma says:

    As I work in the office on a computer all day, you are quire right, the best thing is a mini hand massage.

  16. Elizabeth O says:

    As I read your article I think it refreshes my day. Those five tips are really refreshing and energizing tips.

  17. Vlad Vaida says:

    The shower is myyy favorite thing! if it’s not too late, a good iced caffe latte would definitely refresh me and my day!

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