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January 19, 2018 at 9:36 am

5 Stylish Ways To Stay Hydrated During Summer

5 Stylish Ways To Stay Hydrated During Summer

The calendar slowly turns to July, and that means that the hottest months of the year are just ahead of us. When the temperature significantly rises and we are in the 33-38 °C heat zone, it’s super important to keep on refilling and refueling our bodies with water. I know it’s hard sometimes, but with the help of the best water bottles it’s going to be all fun & games!


The recommended water intake is around 2,7 liters for women and 3,7 liters for men. It might sounds an awfully lot but your body needs this amount of liquid to function properly, and ….wait for it…during the summer months you should even increase this amount. Other factors can also affects your hydration levels, such as sports, physical work or drinking too much caffeinated drinks. So if you want to avoid dehydration the best that you can do is drink drink and drink (avoid sugary drinks and alcohol, stick to water 😉 ). Check out these stylish and functional water bottles, they will make the process much more enjoyable!




It’s a very well designed and also sustainable (made from glass and bamboo) water bottle that’s perfect for making fruit infused waters, which are one of the best drinks possible for summer.






This uniquely shaped – flat – waterbottle, will fit into all kinds of bags since it’s designed to fit where other bottles can’t (they say even into your pocket). It’s made out of BPA free PET, that’s possible to recycle.


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Frank Green SmartBottle


This simple, Australian designed and made brand will steal your heart in a second (I’m already in love with their coffee cups). Their BPA free, non toxic plastic bottles are stain and odour resistant so you’ll not feel that weird taste that sometimes occur in water bottles. It also comes with an innovative spill resistant lid AAAANNNND with the exclusive frank green Hydrate app, that reminds you to drink enough during the day.



bkr bottles


This bottle is more of an accessory, a fashion statement than simply a waterbottle. bkr founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler, claim that bkr is the antidote to cheap, disposable plastic bottles, and the key to skin that glows from the inside. The bottles are available in 3 sizes (250ml, 500ml and 1 L) and in several designs, so everybody can find the One.


The bottle equivalent of cuddling with bunnies.

bkr (@mybkr) által megosztott bejegyzés,


My Equa


This Slovenian brand provides both glass and plastic water bottles (go for the glass ones) with beautiful designs. I have their “Urban Jungle” version, and I just love it.



Share your tips&tricks; How do you motivate yourself to drink more water during the day?


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