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January 19, 2018 at 9:36 am

The Best For Your Child; MÁDARA Baby Care Products*

The Best For Your Child; MÁDARA Baby Care Products*

It doesn’t matter if you believe in green beauty, or not, I think we can all agree in one thing; when it comes to babies and kids only the purest, cleanest cosmetics are okay to use. I only buy the highest quality and safest cosmetics to my Son, this is how I met with the range of MÁDARA baby care products. I instantly became a fan of them. Why? Read on!


Unfortunately – due to the endless marketing of the big beauty brands – commercial baby care products are still very-very popular. It’s easy to just grab them in any drugstore or supermarket, but it’s shocking to see that they are still on the market even if it’s proved that some of them even contains ingredients that are capable of disrupting the hormonal development in this young age. It’s super important to check the ingredients list when shopping for baby care products, and to choose brands that are carrying the certifications of trustworthy organizations, such as the USDA organic, the NATRUE or the ECOCERT.


madara baby care products


MÁDARA was founded in Latvia and holds the ECOCERT certificate from the internationally recognized organization. This guarantees that the brand only uses ingredients coming from reliable organic sources, and ensures that all steps of the production are according to the strict guidelines of making a natural product.


I had the chance to try 3 of the MÁDARA baby care products and I was impressed with all three of them. They became a part of our everyday bath routine, and I have to admit even I steal them from time to time.


Oat & Linden Flower Shampoo


In the first few months, we struggled a lot with my son’s cradle cap. Unfortunately that time I kinda gave up on my beliefs and I ended up buying a baby shampoo at the local pharmacy just because everyone claimed it’s working (Oh man…those nasty ingredients though 🙁 ). I wish I knew about this MÁDARA shampoo back then. It’s so gentle yet super effective, thanks to it’s ingredients it cleans thoroughly, yet keeps the baby’s scalp hydrated. And an extra bonus to the Mom’s out there who are dealing with long haired babies/kids; this shampoo helps you untangle even the most untamed locks!


Oat & Camomille Gentle Wash


Bath products are a very sensitive topic for us, because Adam’s skin is easily irritated and prone to develop eczema very easily, so most of the time we bath him in pure water only. But there are days or “cases” when some extra cleanse would be needed, so I was really curios to try the MÁDARA camomile wash. First I gave it a go – since my skin is also sensitive – and after not having any reaction to the product, we used it on the little one too. I was a bit worried the next morning while removing his PJ’s, I was expecting some reaction, but for my biggest surprise there was nothing (even the existing eczema spots were much less visible or irritated).


madara baby care products


Cocoa & Plum Creamy Oil


Honestly, this one is a real speciality; it’s different from all the other baby creams and oils I’ve tried. It has an unique texture, it absorbs super fast and the scent… seriously it’s like a chocolate bar. It deeply nourishes the child’s skin, doesn’t leave a greasy layer behind, it’s so cool that I’m using it on myself on a daily basis.


What kind of a baby care product are you using at the moment?

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9 thoughts on “The Best For Your Child; MÁDARA Baby Care Products*

  1. toastycritic says:

    The gentle wash here would have been really good for my child when she was younger. She did have such sensitive skin. And it’s great that they can make good products and be all organic.

  2. sartorialsecrets88 says:

    It’s definitely better to do your research on the beauty products you buy! It’s great that there are such newer brands that are more skin-friendly! Glad they worked well on your baby 🙂

  3. Shawna says:

    Both of my kids have sensitive skin so I have to be mindful of harsh chemicals in their care products. Even the “baby” ones. These sound like great options!

  4. margarette says:

    As a mom of two, I am so concious what to use for them. These products are good I think. But need to search more about it tho

  5. Never heard, but I think using a right product is important for everyone. Also I love that bear! I have a brown fluffy bear like that too, and I love styling my products with the bear.

  6. Ryan Worlds says:

    just had a baby, always looking for good products i can trust. thx

  7. hal says:

    i don’t have kids just yet but if i ever do i know which blog to get my info from 🙂

  8. Living in India, we have some products which have been in existence since the time we were small kids. And those products and their companies never failed our trust. so just a little afraid to test out new products. specially for kids.

  9. brahamjade says:

    I don’t have any children but I do have sensitive skin so if that is passed down to my children then I know which blog to get my information form! Also I love that bear!

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