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February 20, 2018 at 1:55 pm

5 Hair And Skin Benefits Of Argan Oil

5 Hair And Skin Benefits Of Argan Oil

Guest post on the wonders of argan oil from Beth Martel beauty blogger at

Ever wonder if you could ever find one magical potion that fixes all your hair and skin problems? Do you keep looking around reading reviews and buying expensive new products with a hope that one might make some difference? Well, the good news is that your quest will probably be over as soon as you are done reading this article.


You must have heard about argan oil as it is like the most trending oil around the globe in the present. It is no surprise that this product has got so much hype, it truly deserves it. It is exactly the product that helps you get rid of all the tons of skincare and haircare ones, as it caters to all your concerns. Yes, it is that one magical potion that you thought you’d never find. So many spas, makeup artists and even famous celebrities use argan oil as a top-quality cosmetic product. This rare oil is extracted from the trees of Morocco and converted in to different forms. Plus it makes one of the best hair oils for men as well. However, I would suggest you to buy the one that is 100% pure.


Here are some of the many astounding benefits of this oil after reading which you would definitely run to get it:


I. Styling Agent That Repairs Hair:


This oil has no grease that makes it perfect for styling hair and making it look glossy without any stickiness. Amidst all that, this amazing oil silently repairs the frizz and split ends in the hair. The daily use of it can lead to effortlessly straight and sleek hair that we all dream of.


II. A General Moisturizer for Everyone:


There is this amazing quality of this oil that it keeps the skin hydrated while controlling the excessive production of natural oil on the skin. Therefore, those who have oily skin benefit greatly from it along with those with dry skin. It also makes the best moisturizer for people with sensitive skin as it is completely organic and does not cause any irritation or side effects.


III. An Essential for Mani-Pedi:


This oil has a great power of softening even the hardest of the skin, which means it can help you get rid of hard corns that often appear on feet. The anti-oxidants present in the oil help fight the infections developing in the skin and nails while the oil itself makes the nails stronger. For best result, massage your hands and feet with it and then cover them with gloves and socks for quicker softening of the skin and recovery of infected nails.


IV. Anti-Aging Treatment:


The fatty acids present in argan oil promote the elasticity of the skin while making it firm with zero wrinkles. Moreover, it overall improves the health of skin by preventing it from the damage that UV radiation causes. The daily use of this oil on facial skin can gradually bring your youthful skin back.


V. Kills Acne:


As we know by now that this oil controls the production of sebum, which is the major reason of acne and therefore helps in getting rid of it. Plus, the skin is revamped completely with all blemishes faded away due to the presence of vitamin E that has anti-oxidants in it.


Want to know more about beauty oils? Click, and read the ultimate guide of beauty oils here!


Beth Martel




My name is Beth Martel. I’m a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. You can read my health and beauty product reviews on my blog, at the

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7 thoughts on “5 Hair And Skin Benefits Of Argan Oil

  1. I love argon oil. My hair was in terrible condition a few years back and this saved it!

  2. Argan oil is AMAZING for my hair. I have bleached color treated hair, and even before I did this my hair is super dry and super curly. I’ve used almost everything out there, but nothing works as well as Argan oil as far as keeping the moisture in my hair.

  3. shobha says:

    The product looks good but I don’t know if it is available here. will try to check out

  4. I first used argan oil in 2015. I bought a new shampoo and conditioner on holiday. It keep my hair lovely, smooth and soft. I wish I’d continued it on. I’ll definitely be buying some next time I’m shopping. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Stressed Mum says:

    I love using argon oil on my hair, especially just recently when I returned from holiday and it needed a bit more tlc than normal. I have not used it on my face though so am going to look into this x

  6. mystyle5 says:

    Totally agree, Argan oil is the best for skin and hair! I know I can always put it on my face and not get any breakouts, but instead get optimal moisture.

  7. Adam says:

    Argan Oil really is a miracle oil. I’m a little embarrassed to say but half a year ago I was getting terrible frown lines on my forehead. Since using the oil it has really helped and I now swear by it and it even keeps my skin clear from blemishes too. It’s funny I now work for a company who sells Argan oil and we came up with this amazing roundup of Argan Oil tips you guys may enjoy:

    Hope you can find some interesting new uses for it!

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