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February 20, 2018 at 1:55 pm

The Dark Side Of The Black Mask Trend

The Dark Side Of The Black Mask Trend

There is this craziness going around on youtube about pore cleansing black masks, that just got everybody completely hooked. Yeah sure, who doesn’t want to see how much dirt can that mask remove from her/his nose etc. The videos are looking incredibly satisfying, but there is an other angle to the trend too. If you take a better look you’ll see a lot of videos showing painful removal, allergic reactions and even burnt skin, so it’s time to dig deeper and get to the end of the question; are black masks dangerous?


It all started when a purifying face mask from a Taiwanese brand (Shills) got wings and started trending on youtube. The mask claims to remove the dirt from clogged pores, and also to remove dead skin cells & provide a glowing, even complexion. The mask got so successful that soon it had plenty of dupes, and now it’s all over amazon/ebay or even aliexpress. The dupes aren’t always containing the highest quality ingredients – you know what I mean – but this isn’t the only danger of this crazy trend.


Not long after the original “black mask reviews” another direction of the trend began to bloom: the DIY black mask. It got widely popular since you only need glue and activated charcoal pills to make the paste, so the price is fraction of the original product’s and you don’t have to wait ages to get your package from Asia. But does putting GLUE (even if it’s states non-toxic) really worths some extra dollars in your pocket? I don’t think so. You don’t have to search a lot on the video sharing platform to see how dangerous is this DIY method; it’s almost impossible to remove, and – due to the extra strong pulling – removes not only the dead skin cells and dirt, but also your living skin, hairs or if applied unwary then even a whole eyebrow.


This video should be a great warning to all who would like to try the black mask; two girls are testing a product which is not only incredibly painful to remove but also causes serious allergic reaction to one of them.



Just like the famous pore strips, peel of masks are having disadvantages too. This type of at home treatments are not only removing what they supposed to (dirt, excess oil, dead skin cells) but seriously damaging your skin surface; removing the tiny little hairs on your face, the natural oils from your skin, and only the top layer of the “dirt” accummulated in your pores.  If you are using these type of treatments too often you are constantly irritating your skin risking to suffer from much more serious skin problems than some clogged pores.


All in all; leave pore cleansing to professionals, and rather save for a beauty treatment than spend money on unreliable products that could damage your skin!


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