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February 20, 2018 at 1:55 pm

A Green Skincare Gem From Hungary; Phi Cosmetics*

A Green Skincare Gem From Hungary; Phi Cosmetics*

I found this amazing Hungarian brand through Instagram, and finally I’ve had the chance to meet with its creators in person. I’ve been invited to the Phi workshop, where I’ve met with Marianna the maker of these amazing green cosmetics, and Timi who is the “engine” of the brand. In addition I left with four fantastic products, that I’d like to introduce to you now, because they all been “love at first use” for me!


What really is special in this brand – other than their fantastic natural beauty products – is that Marianna Rácz, the maker of the creams, serums and all the other goodies, puts all her heart and very thorough professional knowledge into these products. During my visit I’ve had the chance to take a little peek behind the scenes, and see where and how Phi Cosmetics works, and I have to admit it was amazing to see a company who doesn’t make compromises in quality just to reach fame & profit. Phi is all about the highest quality natural ingredients which were carefully picked after long long search (with extra emphasis on choosing local suppliers), and love, actually a lots of it.


It’s no wonder then, that the brand got most of its customers through “word of mouth” because people are recommending their products to each other, and their reviews online are all honest and positive. And now I know why as well… Because they are really that awesome as they seem!


phi cosmetics review


Hidratália Premium Face Cream For Dehydrated Skin


During the colder months my skin tends to be super dry and sometimes even develops flaky spots. That’s why I picked up the Hidratália face cream that has hyaluronic acid, cherry seed oil, and silk protein among it’s ingredients (and I also picked this because it has an amazing scent). When I reached home I tried it immediately, and I felt drastic changes even after just one use. The cream itself absorbed in seconds, left no greasy feeling at all, and made my skin smooth and plump, and the well moisturized feeling stayed for long. Since that I’m reaching for Hidratália on a daily basis, my skin got more even, I’ve got rid of the dry/flaky spots and the redness, so we became really great friends with this product.


The cream available in 30 ml packaging for approximately 16 EUR. For international shipping drop them a line to the email address.


phi cosmetics review


The Pleasant Cream Deodorant


This super little item was nominated on the 2016 JOY Prix De Beauté. It’s really hard to find a good natural deodorant, you’ve read my struggle about it already on the blog, it’s rare that one product combines all what you are looking for (in my case it is important to keep up with my sweaty nature, not to cause irritation, last long and have a nice scent) but the Pleasant Cream Deo got me covered. I’ve tested it on crazy days, carrying my little one around 0-24, then while working out, or even when sick, covered in blankets and watching Netflix, and it worked every single time. Since I’m using natural deodorants, for me it’s a habit now that I’m using them twice a day (I’m sweating a  lot so it is necessary)…it might sounds like an extra effort but for me my health worths this little extra, I’d rather to this than to use a chemical deo that keeps me dry for 48!!!!! hours (how healthy that sounds? bah…) What I also really like in this product is its packaging; it comes in a tube so it cannot collect the germs from your underarm or your fingers like the roll-on, stick or the jar versions.


The deo available in 50 gr packages for approximately 9 EUR. For international shipping drop them a line to the email address.


phi cosmetics review


Strawberry Lipbalm


This little cutie is my ultimate favourite these days. I love its delicious scent, it makes my lips super soft and on top of these it gives a subtle pinky shine to my pout as well. For me it is love, and I guarantee it would be the same for you! (In case you don’t like tinted lip balms, they offer a colourless version with honey).


It is available in 5gr tubes for approximately 4 EUR. For international shipping drop them a line to the email address.


phi cosmetics review


Mandala Gentle Face Scrub


This is one of the most popular products at Phi, and this was the one I first spotted as a recommendation through Instagram. I really wanted to try it, and since I was just run out of face scrub it came at the perfect time. This face scrub is really different that any others I’ve tried before. It contains rosehip powder, white clay and green tea extract, it’s amazingly rich, exfoliates gently while it cleans and hydrates at the same time thanks to the manuka oil and rice bran oil in it. It was so nice, that I’ve left it on my face as a mask for a few minute. To wash it down you need a wash cloth or a sponge, because it’s quite clingy but after cleaning it down you’ll be amazed how soft and smooth your skin is gonna be. I use it frequently and I noticed my skin is in a much better condition, so no wonder that this product also won itself a JOY Prix De Beauté Award Nomination last year.


It is available in 50 ml packages for approximately 10 EUR. For international shipping drop them a line to the email address.


What do you think about small batch green cosmetics brands? Would you try any of the above mentioned items?

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