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February 20, 2018 at 1:54 pm

Top 3 Hair Styles Of Summer 2016

Top 3 Hair Styles Of Summer 2016

Summer always opens the door for braver beauty choices; we apply brighter colours when it comes to makeup and nails, and we go more wild or boho with our hairstyles as well. This will be especially true to 2016, since the leading hair trends of the season are really spectacular, hyped by the most popular celebrities.


The Half Bun


Among the hair styles of summer 2016 the messy half bun is the ultimate favourite. It’s easy, effortless yet very cool so no wonder that more and more celebrities have been photographed rocking this quirky hair trend.


Hair Styles of Summer


The Double Dutch Braids


Kim Kardashian started a few beauty trends already (just think about the madness around contouring) so no wonder that she came up with something for this summer too. Recently she became a big fan of braids especially double braids, and once she was captured wearing them, a trend started and who knows when will it ends.


Hair Styles of Summer


The High Pony


Pony tails are always in fashion, but this summer we’re gonna level them up. The “high pony” brings back the ’90s vibe.It can be messy, or tight, romantic or sexy the variations are endless.


Hair Styles of Summer


Want to know more about the most important hair trends of 2016? Check out this post about the best hair colours this year!


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