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February 20, 2018 at 1:53 pm

7 Tips To Avoid The Most Common Bridal Beauty Mistakes

7 Tips To Avoid The Most Common Bridal Beauty Mistakes

As summer approaches – and with that the wedding season starts – it’s time to share some crucial knowledge about how to avoid the biggest bridal beauty mistakes. If you are heading to the altar soon, go through my list to make sure you won’t fall in these traps.


Avoid the black colourBridal makeup looks are all about subtle, sophisticated shades and textures. Black eyeliner or eyeshadow is way too harsh in this case and will make you look older and tired on the photos. Opt for a brown colour eyeliner or a soft brown (maybe grey if your outfit is on the cooler side) eyeshadow.

Practical hairdos – If you always wear your hair up, don’t ask for long luscious locks from your hairdresser on the big day. No matter how beautiful a hair do look in the magazines, if you are not feeling 100% comfortable with it, it will ruin your wedding day. Also keep that in mind that unbound hair can be quite annoying in the summer heat, so if you want to avoid sweaty shoulders choose a nice messy bun hairstyle.


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Don’t overdo contouring – However Kim Kardashian‘s super contoured look is still one of the most popular makeup looks, for your wedding day it’s might not be the best choice. Contouring is important but if you overdo it, you will be surprised when you will look back at your wedding pictures and a completely different person will look back at you.

Forget lip glosses – On the big day you have to choose the most practical options, and it means that opting for the most long-lasting makeup choices as well. Lipsticks and lip glosses are beautiful, but they are not the best when it comes to kissing or eating, and let’s admit a wedding day is all about this two. The best is to get a neutral coloured lipstain that provides a beautiful shade, shine and the well needed long lasting effect.


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Stay neutral – Dark lips and colourful eyeshadows are great, and can create really amazing looks, but they are not for your wedding day. The best is to stay neutral and choose nude, brown, gold or silver shades for your bridal makeup. Keep the bright and dark colours for your bachelorette party 😉

The importance of a makeup emergency kit – With the craziness of a wedding day the last thing you want to worry about is the state of your makeup. That’s why you will need a reliable bridesmaid, who can help you out with that. Put together a makeup emergency kit that includes the lip stain that you are using, wet wipes, corrector, blotting paper, a loose powder and a bronzer/blusher. Your bridesmaid can keep an eye on you and in case your makeup needs a littlebit of refreshing, she will be always ready with the “er” kit in her bag.


bridal makeup mistakes



Never skip the opportunity of a bridal trial – I’m talking out of experience; stress is the thing that can ruin your dream wedding the most. So if you can cut back on the stress factors, catch on every opportunity. I can’t  emphasize enough how important is to have a bridal makeup trial prior to the big day. The trial gives you an opportunity to try more makeup looks, select the perfect match and then just lay back and enjoy that everything goes according to the plan with your makeup artist.


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