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December 16, 2017 at 5:14 am

Healthy Beauty Series III. – Start The Clean Up; Detoxify Your Shower

Healthy Beauty Series III. – Start The Clean Up; Detoxify Your Shower

If you are serious about your healthy beauty transition, and you are following this article series, you’ve reached the point when we are really start the switch. Previously we were talking about the meanings of the well used label phrases such as “organic” “non-toxic” or “cruelty free” and I shared the list of the 12 most dangerous chemical ingredients in beauty products. This time we are gonna clean out your shower so your mornings can start fresh and toxin free!


You start – or finish – every day here, but did you know how many dangerous chemicals are lurking around your shower? You probably using a minimum of 3 products (shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste) or an extensive 6 (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, scrub, shaving gel, toothpaste) – or who knows, maybe even more- on a daily basis.


All these products are in direct contact with your skin, and as we were previously talking about it your skin is your biggest organ, so that’s really an important thing what you put on it. Through your skin membranes you absorb more than 60% of the products that you apply and you do it pretty fast, so ingredients can reach to your circulation in minutes.


So what can you do to make your morning routine healthier? With some small switch, and/or alternative solution you can seriously cut back on toxic ingredients in the shower. Let’s see how to start:




Do you remember my previous post about the 12 toxic ingredients? Well, you can be sure that in a regular shower gels you will find around 6 of them on the ingredients list. Triclosan, parabens, SLS, diethanolamine, polyethylene glycol and perfume are easy to spot in any of the big & well known branded shower gel products. These ingredients helps with the texture of the product, creating more foam (which gives you the “feeling” that they are cleaning better) and so on, but they do nothing good for your skin. I suggest to completely avoid these products and switch to organic soap bars that are not just healthier but are also more eco friendly (lasts longer, less harmful for the water world and leaves no plastic packaging behind). Some of my favourites: Manna – Ginger & Goat Milk Soap, Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Pure Castile Bar Soap, Uvas Frescas Grapeseed Oil Soap


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Hair care products are almost the same as shower gels, but they can also include additional “bad guys” like silicone (which makes your hair “silky soft”) or dimethicone. The problem with this, is that silicone can seal the hair strands into airtight packages and prevent your hair from getting the moisture and the natural oils it needs, so on long term it harms more than it helps. Solid shampoos are great alternatives (and similar to soaps they are also more eco friendly) so it’s worth to give them a try; Manna – Healthy Locks Solid Shampoo, Lamazuna Solid Shampoo




For a long long time now, that I’ve switched to healthier toothpaste; after realizing how much toxic chemicals (Fluoride, SLS, Triclosan, Hydrated Silica all proven dangerous for humans)  I’ve been swallowing 3 times a day using a regular whitening toothpaste I was shocked and started to look for a less harmful option immediately. It was not an easy thing, organic toothpastes sometimes taste really weird and I found a lot of them not so effective. But these goodies are really worth to try: Weleda – Salt Toothpaste, Dr. Brite Vitamin-C Infused Whitening Toothpaste


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Sometimes a great scrubbing can change your day, isn’t it? But why would you use something thats full with preservatives, synthetic fragrance and colouring when you can easily make your own divine scrubs filled with only natural goodness.


Here are some recipes to get you going, but the more experience you have the braver you will get and don’t be afraid to create your own scrub, it’s so much fun!

Coconut Ice DIY Sugar Cube Scrub

Pumpkin Spice Latte Sugar Scrub

Oatmeal Chamomile Body Scrub

For more home made beauty recipes check out my ALL ABOUT ORGANIC BEAUTY Pinterest board!




It’s an interesting thing which not only affects you but your other half as well, actually it affects him even more. Some men are shaving every single day, applying shaving foams and gels on a daily basis. Hormon function distrupting phthalates, carcinogen triethanolamine, fragrance, parabens and SLS… and the list is not complete… these all can be found in regular shaving creams and gels. Thank God, we have plenty of alternatives to replace the nasties, both for you and for your loved one: Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Soaps, Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream, The Honest Co. Organic Shave Oil


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I hope this collection helps you with starting your beauty transition, please do not hesitate to contact me (email, comment, message) in case you need any help or advice. Visit the blog next month as well because we are gonna discuss everything you need to know about organic and natural skincare!


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