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What Is Multimasking?

What Is Multimasking?

You’ve might seen the funny – almost camouflage like – multicolour mask selfies over Instagram with the hashtag “multimasking”, but do you know what is it, or why did it get so popular? Click, and I’ll tell you all!


Your skin is not the same all over your body, maybe it’s dryer on your legs but super soft on your belly, maybe you have oily skin on your face then super sensitive on your arms, it’s all normal. Skin – according to where is it on your body, and what kind of external influences affects those parts – needs different treatment. And the same is true for your facial skin.


Your face can be divided to three main areas;

  • the T-zone (which is often a bit more oily and problematic than the other areas),
  • the eye area (which is usually super sensitive)
  • and the cheeks (they can be everything from dry to oily to sensitive, problematic, full with pores/rosacea/eczema and we could continue the list until midnight).

After seeing this it’s clear that one mask cannot solve all the issues at the same time.


what is multimasking

Image via popsugar.com


In professional salons, treatments are working like this since ages, but now it got popular among “normal human beings” as well. Why would you stick to one mask when with a littlebit more effort you can have a much more effective treatment? The key is to use the right product in the right areas of your face. You can find my suggestions below:



I hope with this little guide you can find the products your skin is really looking for, and you can pamper yourself with a multimasking treatment very soon!


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How often do you treat yourself with a face mask? Have you tried the multimasking technique or not yet?


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2 thoughts on “What Is Multimasking?

  1. Interesting…I can use 2 different masks max on the face but not more (and not time:-))…x

  2. I love to do this, and I try to use a facemask about once a week – I find it really relaxing and my skin usually thanks me for it!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

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