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February 20, 2018 at 1:53 pm

My Favourite Green Beauty Source: Corpo Natura Webshop*

My Favourite Green Beauty Source: Corpo Natura Webshop*

I love those days when the mailman stops by with a box of amazing goodies. My latest haul is from the Corpo Natura webshop which is an amazing online green beauty store in the Netherlands (delivers worldwide) and after browsing through their site, I bet you won’t be able to resist ordering some of their products too!


Looking for a reliable store with great range of healthy beauty products (skincare, makeup, hair products and so on) fast delivery and an owner who puts her heart and soul into each order? Don’t look further, Corpo Natura is your destination. The shop carries brands like Alima Pure, the famous Konjac Sponge, Kahina and Suti for your skin and John Master’s Organic for the beauty of your locks.


I’ve got the chance to try some of these amazing products and I decided to share my opinion about them. I have to be honest with you, I still did not started to use two products out of the five, but I’ll update this post soon, with the missing parts.


Alima Pure – Velvet Lipstick; The Healthy Alternative for MAC


Before I started to switch to healthy beauty, I was the biggest fan of MAC lipsticks. No matter they dried out my lips like crazy, I’ve been eating their marketing and falling so hard for the hype around the brand, I thought there is nothing better when it comes to lipstick than that. Then my eyes opened up after reading several articles about the unhealthy ingredients (especially lead) in commercial lipsticks.  My most used lipstick was the MAC Dark Side, and it was pretty hard to get rid of it, until now. Alima Pure’s lipstick in the shade of Beatrice is the perfect alternative; it has a wonderful, non-drying creamy texture, amazingly pigmented and surprisingly long lasting. I’m in love!


corpo natura webshop


The Konjac Sponge Co. – Green Clay Konjac Sponge


The Konjac Sponge is something that I was interested in since ages. I mentioned it already in my Organic Beauty Wishlist post almost a year ago, but somehow I never tried it. Now I’ve finally got the chance! The speciality of these cuties are the cleansing effect (without any additional products) and they’re balancing the natural PH of your skin.


“Research in Japan has proven that Konjac Sponges can deeply cleanse without damaging the skin better than any normal wash cloth or even a sea sponge that has been designed for washing. ”


I can’t wait to try it, and to update you all about the experience!


corpo natura webshop


Treat Collection Nail Polish – The Real “Good Thing”


I was hunting for a healthier nail polish, that’s safe to use during pregnancy. It was also important to find a shade that’s super neutral, that’s why I picked the colour Good Thing. I’m very happy with my choice, the polish covers great even after 1 coat, and lasts long without chipping. The fact that it’s formulated without Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyd and Formaldehyd Resin is especially important for me, since these ingredients can be very harmful for babies.


corpo natura webshop


Schmidt’s Deodorant – Bergamot + Lime Freshness


It’s hard to find a great natural deodorant, I’ve been trying several different products already, with little or no results (soon I’m going to publish a post of my adventures in green deo land). I was really curious about the Schmidt’s brand, since both the presentation both the texture looked very different.


The deo comes in a little jar with a small spatula in it, that helps you get the right amount of product without messing the things up with your fingers. The consistency is first a bit wax like (hard and breaks easily) but as soon as it touches your palms it gets creamy and it’s really easy to massage into your underarms.


And the results? The scent is very fresh and lasted the whole day for me (big thing!). It doesn’t leave any stains on my clothes and worked well keeping me dry to. I’m still testing it, I want to see how well it will perform under heavy circumstances (whole day long baby shopping and so on 😉 ). I’ll keep you posted!


corpo natura webshop


Uvas Frescas Natural Soap


This little goodness was a surprise in my pack. Soaps are really popular in my household, since we don’t use liquid hand washes or shower gels etc. Just soap. I was pretty happy to get this natural bar because it was made with grape seed oil that’s famous of it’s anti oxidants and deep moisturizing effect. I love soaps that are leaving skin soft and hydrated rather than flaky and dry (like the regular ones). I’m still saving this one, but as soon as I tried it I’ll update this paragraph 😉


corpo natura webshop


Special Offer: Receive a free Uvas Frescas soap with every purchase! (valid until the 29 of February. No minimum order or codes required. If you place an order this month, your present will be added to your order )

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4 thoughts on “My Favourite Green Beauty Source: Corpo Natura Webshop*

  1. This is a fantastic haul! I just found your blog and I’m so happy I did! I am slowly switching all of my products over to more organic and environmentally friendly options. It’s definitely a bit of a struggle but I love finding blogs like yours to help! Lovely post!

    1. annaszoke says:

      Thank You Ellen for such a sweet comment, and I’m honored that I could be at your help with your transition. You have an amazing blog too, I love the clean design of it, and your latest post introducing integritybotanicals made me think about trying them too.

      1. Thank you so much! Definitely give them a try, their customer service really is fantastic!

  2. Johanna says:

    Have you tried Alva’s deodorants? The only ones that work for me. I especially like the Intensive fragrance free one and the scented Exotic one 🙂

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