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February 18, 2018 at 10:18 am

Beauty Resolutions 2017

Beauty Resolutions 2017

January is the time of promises, and resolutions, but unfortunately most of the times they don’t last too long. If you set up too high goals for yourself, there is a bigger risk that you will give up at half time. So it’s better to stick yourself to something easy, but really helpful. Below you can find 5 (+1) beauty resolutions, which should be followed not only for a month, or a year, but for a lifetime.



“I will drink at least 2 liters of water every day!”


Water is one of the most important thing to nourish healthy and beautiful skin. You have to provide the right amount of liquid to your body every day, unless you want dry and dull skin, and risk your health because of dehydration.   Avoid soft drinks (too much sugar and CO2) and drink water and tea (green tea and white tea are the best). Hard to start, but once you notice the differences on your skin and on the way how you feel, you’ll never want to stop.

Read more about the benefits of tea drinking here!


new years resolutions beauty 2016


“I will choose reliable sources and good quality only, when it comes to buying beauty products!”


It’s a very important, but often forgotten issue. In the age of Internet, and online shopping the temptation (and the risk) is even higher to get something for a better price, but from an unknown origin. You always have to be extremely careful, when you are selecting products which are in direct contact with your skin/body. Bad quality skincare, haircare and make-up (!!!) products can seriously damage your health. So better select this type of products wisely.

Don’t let your wallet pushing you to buy some fake make-up from the Internet (eBay is a huge market for dangerous products which containing dangerous levels of arsenic – check this article where a victim herself speaking about accidentally buying fake and poisonous products from there). Be aware of your sensitivities and allergies too! And never have remorse just because you spent 5 euro extra on a more reliable product. Your skin, body and health will be grateful for this investment!


new years resolutions beauty 2016


“I will never go to sleep without removing my make-up!”


I know, I know…sometimes it’s pretty hard. But removing your make-up before sleep is a crucial factor to have beautiful AND healthy skin. The best is to have your own “before bed” routine which includes cleaning your face. Once or twice in a month it might happen that you are not able to have this routine, for these occasions keep a pack of face-cleaning wet wipes on your bedside, for fast but effective make-up removal. With cleaning your face regularly you can avoid to have breakouts, clogged pores, and blackheads as well, and you will have fresh looking, healthy skin! To emphasise the importance of this point I wrote this article, that I bet will scare you away from sleeping in your makeup ever again.


“I will check the expiry of my beauty products, and clean my beauty tools regularly!”


The expiry date written on the products, is not a joke, you have to take it seriously, and control your make-up/skincare/ and other beauty products regularly, and throw them if expired! It could be a big help if you mark your items with a sticker, with the date written on it when you opened the product.

You have to take care of your tools too; clean your make-up brushes weekly, do not use a toothbrush more than three months (and immediately change it after you were sick), change your towels weekly and wash them on high temperature, disinfect your nail care tools (scissors, nail clippers, cuticle removers etc.) often. If you are not checking and maintaining the cleanliness of the items in your bathroom, you are risking to get some serious infections, allergic reactions or even damaging your skin for a lifetime.


new years resolutions beauty 2016


“I will sleep at least 8 hours a day!”


Enough sleep is your best friend to fight against dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, and also a very important point if you want to live a healthier – and longer – life. When you are sleeping, your muscles are relaxing, your body starts “charging your battery”, there are some very important rejuvenating processes too. If you don’t have enough sleep, sooner or later it will affects on not only how you look, but on your general health and performance too.


new years resolutions beauty 2016


Plus one more: “I will go on an annual check-up to prevent skin cancer!”


People’s negligence on this very serious matter always makes me sad. Skin cancer (or melanoma) is very often. There are several factors that increases the risk to have it, but with a little extra care you can easily recognise the problem in an early stage. Check yourself regularly, and if you see any new dark spots or weird birthmarks/moles visit a specialist immediately. Also visit a dermatologist every year for a cancer screening. A little more care of yourself can literally saves your life! Encourage your family members and friends too, to visit the doctor often.


new years resolutions beauty 2016


What are your New Year’s resolutions? Share them with us so we can motivate you further on!

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3 thoughts on “Beauty Resolutions 2017

  1. HibaM says:

    Great post! And thanks for the mention, totally agree with you. Better to be safe than sorry.
    I also have a great DIY makeup brush cleaner that cheap and effective. Hope it helps with the second part of that resolution ;).
    You can find it here:

    Best of luck!

  2. My new year’s resolutions are to enjoy what I have instead of always wanting better.
    All your resolutions are very practical and I like that.
    Have a great year,
    Mika | La French Connection

    1. annaszoke says:

      I find this really wise! Thank you for the nice words 🙂 Nice blog you have! Would you be interested in being featured on TSB? If yes please drop an email to: and we can discuss it further.

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