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February 20, 2018 at 1:54 pm

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Mavis From Hotel Transylvania

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Mavis From Hotel Transylvania

If you are on the lookout for an easy Halloween costume and you are just as into cartoons as me, Mavis the quirky and cute vampire girl from the Hotel Transylvania movies could be an ideal choice for you. This look doesn’t require too much investment (neither money, nor time wise), and by following my step-by-step makeup guide you can recreate the character in no time.


halloween makeup tutorial Mavis Hotel Transylvania


What are you gonna need to create this Halloween makeup?


  • Black turtleneck is a must, the rest of the outfit can be anything black from your garderobe
  • A set of fake vampire teeth can boost the look tremendously, but even without that you will be easily recognised
  • Set of fake lashes – the more cartoonish, the better it will look
  • Mid length black wig
  • Black lipstick
  • Creamy white face paint
  • Your everyday makeup kit


halloween makeup tutorial mavis hotel transylvania


How to do it?


Step 1: I cleaned my face and applied a layer of Skindinavia makeup primer. Once it absorbed I covered the red spots and the dark under eye area with Catrice Camouflage Cream.


Step 2: I picked the lightest shade of foundation from my makeup bag – CATRICE Velvet Finish in 010 Light Velvet -, and in a little container I mixed 1 part foundation with 1 part of the white face paint ( I used the professional BEN NYE Clown White, but any kind of white face paint can work as long as it has a creamy texture). You mix it until the colour gets even and the texture is nice and creamy then apply it with a makeup sponge.


Step 3: To get that vampire look, you need to create a nice contour for your eyes. Use a soft black eye pencil, -my choice was Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Kajal Liner in Noir – and line your upper lash line and your bottom waterline very generously. I used a small flathead eyeshadow brush and my Paris Berlin Le Fard Sec eyeshadow in shade FS74 and I carefully smudged the previously applied eyeliner with a bit of eyeshadow. I used a black face chalk to give my lips a nice shaded black base, but it’s not crucial if you have the black lipstick.


Step 4:  I fixed the whole look with BEN NYE Neutral Set Colourless Powder. Make sure that you use a colourless fixing powder because you want to keep the pale , vampiresque skin tone.


Step 5: If you have thinner and darker eyebrows there is nothing to do, but mine is quite thick and light brown so I had to cover it with a bit of a foundation, and redraw it with the darkest shade from my Guerlain Eye Brow kit. It’s time to create those signature black lips. To enhance the cartoonish vibe I used two colours for the lips, but you can stick to only the black lipstick for an easier and faster finish. I used my favourite MAC Lip Pencil in shade Vino to draw a definite line around my lips and I also blended it inwards a bit. Then with a lipstick brush I applied the black lipstick. I emphasize the importance of using a lip brush for a careful application because it helps you stay inside the lines which is very important, when using such a dark and hard to remove lip colour.


Step 6: What gives the true cute Mavis effect to this whole look are the fake lashes. I picked a pair of beautiful really cartoonish lashes from Eylure (nr. 191). It made my life easier because it comes pre-glued, so you just apply it and ready to go, no mess with lash glue etc, very practical.


Since probably no wigs come with the distinctive bangs that Mavis has, you have to get a little creative here. My wig was a long one which I cut to the correct length and from the leftover I created an insert which worked as bangs. If you can find wigs with bangs already you just have to shape them to this characteristic V and you are good to go.


If you decide to create the Mavis look I’d love to see a photo of you! (you can send it to:

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