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December 16, 2017 at 5:14 am

Beauty Benefits of Tea Drinking*

Beauty Benefits of Tea Drinking*

Beauty experts can’t emphasize that enough how important is for our system to drink enough every day. The suggested amount is 8 glasses of liquid a day; this intake is essential for maintaining a well functioning body. I’m not really a water girl, thankfully I have a great alternative, which just as effective as – and in some points even healthier than – water, and this is nothing else but TEA!


Did you know that certain teas are having very positive effects on your health & beauty? Hsiu-Li Yeh Designer and Founder of the Yeh Tea Food Couture knows this and when selecting the blends she works with, she makes sure that only the highest quality and purest ingredients ( no artificial flavourings or colourings) were used.

Yeh Organic Tea has a great variety of teas including the magical trio; green, white and herbal teas. It’s well known that the antioxidant compounds in tea – called flavonoids – are good for your heart and may reduce the growth of cancer cells, but what further effects tea drinking can have? Let’s see;




Greatly improves the cholesterol levels, and has a very important beauty benefit; it burns fat. I don’t think I have to explain now why the regular intake of green tea is great for us! But there are some things that are important to keep in mind:


    • –  It’s only valid for brewed green teas, not bottled beverages with tons of added sugar/calories and sweeteners
    • –  Certainly you don’t want to ruin your tea drinking experience with adding sugar to it! You don’t need that.
    • –  Always choose reliable, organic sources and AVOID the instant weight loss tea blends popular on Instagram and Twitter. They not just a waste of money but they can actually be dangerous for your health!


Try Yeh Organic Tea’s Jasmine Pearls that has all the benefit of pure Chinese green tea with the touch of calming jasmine flower flavour.


benefits of tea




Since white tea is uncured and unfermented it has the most benefits compared to other processed teas. It can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the body, has the same effect as green tea plus studies proved that it actually helps prevent the growth of dental plaque, keeping your smile beautiful and healthy much longer. If you want to add a delicious and healthy option to your tea drawer, try the White Tea Lychee blend from Yeh Organic Tea which not only taste incredibly refreshing, but also looks beautiful thanks to the added fruit pieces and rose petals.


benefits of tea




Herbal infusions were used to cure different symptoms long before any medicine did appear. Maybe one of the most important herbs is chamomile. This serene little flower has amazing anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial and calming effects. Chamomile can treat you from the inside & outside. Did you know for example that chamomile tea can be used as face toner, or when its cooled down it can make great compress for tired & puffy eyes? To feel the benefits of this wonderful plant, try the caffeine free CALM LADY Tea from Yeh Organic Tea’s selection.


benefits tea


Do you drink tea? If yes what is your favourite blend?

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