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January 19, 2018 at 9:42 am

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray Review*

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray Review*

As a makeup artist I’m always searching for new products and innovations to improve my kit, and the quality of service I can provide. Along this way I found it really hard to find a great product that helps my clients enjoy their makeup (even after I left the scene) as long as possible. Then an opportunity found me; I was offered to try & test the famous Skindinavia Makeup Primer and girls, I have to say it earned a fix position for a lifetime in my makeup collection! Why? Read on!

A well prepped face for a MUA is like the perfect canvas for a painter. Everything works different when the skin is not cleaned and primed properly; the foundation might leaves patches/not blends as beautifully as it should, not to mention that priming can seriously affect the time the makeup will stay intact.


skindinavia makeup primer review


I always used primers, but my selection of creamy primers just got serious competition as the Skindinavia Makeup Primer arrived. It’s a spray with lightweight texture, that absorbs almost immediately, leaving super smooth skin behind. I noticed visible changes in the quality of my skin almost immediately. My pores looked smaller, the usual red dots were less visible, in general everything looked more even. Since I have combinated skin, a touch up later on the day is always necessary, but with using the Skindinavia Makeup Primer, I realized there was no extra oil that would require blotting paper or extra powdering later on.


You know how much I’m into natural beauty care so it was an extra point that this spray is silicone free, oil and paraben free and also good for people with sensitive skin.



To learn more about the product check out this video, or visit Skindinavia’s website!


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