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December 16, 2017 at 5:13 am

Dangers Of Hair Removal During Summer

Dangers Of Hair Removal During Summer

As the temperature gets higher, skirts and trousers are getting shorter and bare, smooth legs are getting more important, now that we cannot hide them behind layers of fabrics. So we start to look for the most effective and long-lasting hair removal technics, but do we also consider all the dangers that are coming with them? Because hair removal can be dangerous….especially during summer. You want to know why? Read on!


No. 1: Shaving

However this is the most convenient, and fast (…and painless) process to remove the unwanted hair, this is also the one that carries the most risk. Shaving produces continuous mini traumas to the skin (especially when using an old, blunt razor ) and with the lack of care, it can easily lead to skin infections and “razor burn”. It’s important to give time for your skin to regenerate, so don’t shave right before visiting a pool or the beach, and also avoid sunbathing with freshly shaved arms and legs. The best is shaving 24 h before “showtime”. Extra warning; be even more careful when it comes to shaving your private parts!


summer hair removal



No. 2: Depilatory Creams

Also a very simple way of hair removal is using chemicals to dissolve the hair = depilatory creams. These products are quite often causing problems to people with sensitive skin, but with a little extra attention ( and a patch test) all this can be avoided. It’s really important to follow the instructions of all products regarding application time etc. or otherwise you can end up with serious skin problems (such as redness, inflammation, blisters, peeling etc.) or even chemical burns which is really something not to joke with.

A woman suffered 3rd degree burns after not following the instructions that clearly stated “NO sunbathing for 24h after using the xyz depilatory cream”. In case you experience any weird skin reactions after using these type of products, contact immediately with your dermatologist.


No. 3: Waxing

However it’s a bit painful, still waxing is one of the most effective techniques to remove hair since ancient times. When it comes to this procedure, the best is to rely on a professional, rather than do it at home with mixed results. The most common problem with wax is the irritation and the burn – that can be caused by the wax used too hot – and as a side effect we have to mention the increased risk of ingrown hair and folliculitis (inflammation of a hair follicle).

The main thing with waxing is that after the hair removal your pores are open, so your skin is less resistant to bacteria and infections. Avoid tanning, swimming pools, saunas and other shared facilities, especially when you opted for a “Brazilian wax“. You also have to keep that in mind that waxing removes the top layer of your skin so it can makes a difference in your tan.





No. 4: Epilator

Personally this type of hair removal is the one I hate the most. I find it incredibly painful and super slow, however the results are truly great. Some women swear to it, so let’s see what should we know about this method. Similar to waxing the risk of having ingrown hairs is slightly higher (but with regular exfoliating this can be solved), and there is also the possibility of redness and inflammation in case of very sensitive skin. Epilation is less aggressive, than waxing, but still worth to avoid sunbathing and swimming for at least 12 hours.


No. 5: Laser Hair Removal

Innovation of the 21st century  – and now available in versions for at home use too, – this hair removal type counts as the most effective so far, however it has the biggest risk compared to all the above mentioned methods. I heard about several scary cases about burns and scars for a lifetime, but in the same time I heard much more women sing odes about the positive side of it. But what is the most important for us at the moment is that how laser hair removal works during the summer. Sun and tanning can seriously effect the process so it’s crucial to avoid the expose to sunlight.

“If you have been out in the sun 72 hours before laser treatments or laser hair removal, you cannot receive the treatment. In fact, it’s advised to completely stay out of the sun 72 hours before your treatment. That’s because you can run the risk of burning, scarring, and seriously damaging your skin.”


Which hair removal method you find the most effective and which one you hate the most? Did you try laser hair removal? If yes what is your opinion about it?


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