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February 20, 2018 at 1:50 pm

Cellulite Showdown – Get Your Beach Body Ready!

Cellulite Showdown – Get Your Beach Body Ready!
Cellulite Showdown – Get Your Beach Body Ready!
Cellulite Showdown – Get Your Beach Body Ready!
Cellulite Showdown – Get Your Beach Body Ready!
Cellulite Showdown – Get Your Beach Body Ready!
Cellulite Showdown – Get Your Beach Body Ready!

Summer is almost here, I’m sure you have already booked your flight to somewhere exotic – or at least relaxing, with a big pool – and started to worry about the “bikini season“. Don’t worry, just follow my tips and in no time you can make significant changes on those areas affected by the unfamous “C”.


I eat healthy (ok once a week sure I have pizza/ and or pasta) but I’m guilty of not doing any regular exercises, and it definitely takes a toll on my – how should I call it – marshmallow body. Im not overweight or anything, but I’m soft and untoned /shame on me/ and yes….I have cellulite. So every year when spring almost turns into summer, I start to panic about my “derrière”.


But with a few easy and effective tricks everybody can shape that body, and tighten that skin enough to feel confident and beautiful on the beach or at the pool side.


Tip 1 : WATER Water water

One of the most important thing in order to get a healthy looking body is hydration. Drinking at least 2 liters of WATER (no juices, teas or sodas) is crucial for your body and can make a huge difference in your metabolism. Not to mention hydrated skin is more tight and smooth with much less wrinkles and cellulite.


Tip 2 : Detox with Sauna

Infra Sauna is the best way to get rid of the toxins accumulated in your body. The increased heat fastens up your blood circulation and the intense sweating kind of washes out the toxins from your body. The infra sauna is a bit more effective, since the infra rays can get deeper into the layers of the skin than the in the case of traditional saunas. The regular use of the sauna (with a fast cold shower in between) can – not just change the look of your body, but – increasing the quality of your life too.


Tip 3 : Cut back Sugar & Salt

These two substances are not doing your body any good.  If you are often opt for pre-made or canned meals (I’m guilty of frozen pizzas) sodas and candies or even fruit juices, then you can be sure that you are going down on a really dangerous road. A diet high in sugar and salt can lead to diabetes, not to mention it can also increase your risk of developing cellulite and makes it even worse if you are already suffering from it. Instead of highly processed foods give priority to fresh fruits and veggies, and your body will be grateful for it I can promise.


Tip 4 : Body Wrapping

It is a really great trick, that everybody can do at home and it’s just as effective as the similar treatments in beauty salons. You will need cling wrap, 1 dl of olive oil as a base, and a few drops (4 drops each) of cinnamon, junipers and grapefruit essential oils. Take a shower and exfoliate the areas that you plan to wrap really thoroughly, then dry the surface and start to massage the mixture of the basis oil and the essential oils to the skin. Once it’s done wrap yourself with the cling wrap and relax for 15-30 minutes under a warm blanket. When it’s done remove the foil and massage the rest of the oil in the skin, no need to wash it down.


(Warning! Since cinnamon is an allergen and it’s oil contains really high levels of the spice,  please before using this technique test the mixture on a small area on your wrist to see if you develop any allergic reactions. In case you feel a really strong burning sensation that you cannot stand or your skin turns bumpy and red, wash down the mixture and don’t use this body wrapping technique – you can try replacing cinnamon oil with grapefruit oil which is less powerful but safer for sensitive skin)


Tip 5 : Move that Body!

It doesn’t matter if it’s an hour of walk, a kick-box session, running or yoga the point is to do any kind of exercise that you like REGULARLY (minimum 3 times a week). Even walking can burn tremendous amount of calories, speed up your metabolism and help get rid of the toxins and cellulite.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead for that beautiful beach body, and the cellulite-less derrière! Do it girl!


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