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February 20, 2018 at 1:57 pm

7 Deadly Sins of Beauty – Are You Guilty of Them?

7 Deadly Sins of Beauty – Are You Guilty of Them?

Beauty mistakes are easy to make, but I’m here to help you to avoid them! I picked the 7 most common makeup mistakes, made by all women at some point. Check them and if you find yourself guilty, follow my advices to get rid of your sins forever!


1. GLUTTONY; Applying conditioner all over


Did you know that the right way to wash your hair is to put shampoo only on the roots and scalp, and apply the conditioner only on the ends of your hair? If you put conditioner on your scalp it can block hair follicles, and lead to dandruff or greasy hair. A great trick to do it right; put your hair in a ponytail and apply the product from the hair the rubber band down.


2. PRIDE; Using the same foundation in every season


If you can get a great tan during the summer, that’s amazing. But when it’s winter and your skin actually a few shades lighter but you are still using your “summer foundation” that’s actually nothing to be proud of. Using the wrong shade of foundation is one of the most common beauty mistakes. Always make sure that you have a high-quality, reliable foundation for summer (with a bit of darker shade) and for winter months too(with a lighter hue). Faking a summer tan with foundation, and end up looking like an orange is just not cool…


common makeup mistakes


3. GREED; Using products way after their expiration date


You have a makeup collection including hundreds of products? It’s growing every week? Are you hoarding beauty products like crazy? I know it hurts to face the fact, but I bet that more than the half of your collection is already expired, but you keep on using them just because it “hurts” to throw them away. Using makeup after it’s expired has its price; you can face with changes in texture/colour, less effectiveness, sometimes the higher risk of allergies to expired ingredients etc. Personally I don’t think it’s worth to hang on products just to being able to post an instagram picture about your overflowing makeup drawers. Always follow the expiry guide when you are starting to use a product, and if that is help, put an extra sticker on each item with the date when you first opened them.


4.  SLOTH; Not removing your makeup before sleep


Laziness is not an excuse! I already wrote a big post about all the yucky effects of not removing your makeup before going to bed. If you want to read all the nasty details click on:

3 Dirty Reasons Why You Should Never Go To Sleep With Your Makeup On!


5. ENVY; Using the wrong colour to enhance your eyebrows


You are envy of your best friend/ sister/ xy celebrity because she has amazing dark and full eyebrows, and you have a blonde or light brown version of it? Hey, be proud of that and don’t make a fool of yourself with using the wrong shade of eyebrow pencil/brow powder etc. When you are creating your eyebrows you should aim to reach a very natural look – both shape and colour wise.


common makeup mistakes


6. LUST; Using too much makeup


You want to look perfect so you throw in all makeup tricks you just know, from a golden smokey eye, through contouring to amazingly bright lips, and even false lashes. STOP STOP STOP! Please…
Always keep that in mind, that sometimes less is more. When it comes to makeup there is one rule worth to follow; eyes or lips and never eyes and lips. If you are highlighting your eyes, creating a strong makeup look (smokey eyes, false lashes etc.) then pick a matching but subtle lip shade. When picking a bright lipstick and focusing on the lips, keep the eyes simple, with a light shade of eyeshadow and just a few layers of mascara.


7. WRATH; Using tonic as a makeup remover


Why are you angry at your skin? Why you are punishing it? Using a tonic as makeup remover is everything but not “effective face cleansing”. Tonics are to refresh and hydrate your skin and also to give back it’s elasticity. It’s always clearly stated on the packaging of tonics that “apply it on clean, dry face”. So your skin routine should always start with washing your face, using scrub if needed and just after that reaching out for the tonics.


common makeup mistakes


So are you guilty? It’s time to admit and make some changes! Do you know any other beauty mistakes? Let me know!


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7 thoughts on “7 Deadly Sins of Beauty – Are You Guilty of Them?

  1. Dave Pelham says:

    Amazing tips that I’ll definitely pass onto my clients. Thanks Anna!

  2. Natalye-Marrie says:

    Not guilty of any of these things (I’m a beauty therapist and my partner is a hairdresser) but it was a very good read. One more to add to your list: Never cleanse your face with wipes – unless in desperate situations lol.

  3. Millie says:

    I am definitely guilty of continuing to use my beauty products after their expiry date!! Sometimes I just spend so much money on a product and want to get as most out of it as possible!

  4. Sarahdise says:

    Woops guilty as charged on the conditioner one :/

  5. Thanks God I joined the FBL group on FB, that’s how I found you and your amazing blog! 🙂 So besides the fact you’re GORGEOUS, your blog theme is amazing, and you have great content! I took you in my blogroll so I can keep you close!! xx

  6. Guilty! And I also read the “3 Dirty Reasons (..)” post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. NerdyMom says:

    What a great idea for a list (again)! Greed and lust, my favourites! 😉
    However I think it would be great if young girls would get lessons in school about these things too. Not a whole year mind you 😉 But these seem basic to learn! And… if you are not really interested (i.e. not reading about it nor watching video’s about them, nor having pro advice), how are you supposed to know? It’s not on the conditioner that you should only use it at the ends of your hair…

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