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January 19, 2018 at 9:42 am

3 Dirty Reasons Why You Should Never Go To Sleep With Your Makeup On!

3 Dirty Reasons Why You Should Never Go To Sleep With Your Makeup On!

It might sounds obvious to remove your makeup before bed (even if you are too tired to keep your eyes open) but still a lot of women skips this very important step at least twice a week. TWICE-A-WEEK sleeping in makeup! So I decided to put together this eye-opening (hopefully) post about what really happens when you’re too lazy to wash it off!


Foundation: How to look 10 years older than you really are?


It’s not just not removing it, but also not removing it completely. Foundation in general is not harmful to your skin, but when the end of the day you skip washing it off or not cleaning your face thoroughly  (so you still have makeup marks on your towel after drying your face) means big risk.


If you are sleeping in makeup a layer of foundation sits on your face the whole night, you risk a lot – even if its just one evening. If your face is not clean, then your skin can’t process with it’s natural shedding and renewal. It means the dead skin cells stays on your face, well laid under your foundation, clogging your pores, drying your skin and soon to make you look much older, than you really are.

sleeping in makeup



If your skin is dry, your fine lines and wrinkles gets even more deeper and visible, and big clogged pores are also not something nice to see. Not to mention that layering makeup on your “not-so-clean” face the next day can cause allergies, irritation, redness, breakouts and skin sensitivity for a lifetime. Not so nice, isn’t it?


Mascara and eyeliner: How to risk vision damage after a long night of partying?


Foundation facts were nasty, but half as harmful as unremoved mascara or eyeliner could be. Our eyes are very sensitive, but we often forget about that and ignoring the signs it’s trying to send us, such as redness, itchiness etc. When you don’t remove your eyemakeup properly you risk infections, irritation or allergies, inflammated hair follicles, weakened/brittle lashes, lash fall-out and even some vision damage.


sleeping in makeup



I hope this list was scary enough to make you rethink your makeup removal strategy. Take extra care when you are using waterproof mascara/liner, don’t rub it because then it can easily get inside your eyes. Use the right oil based cleansing products, apply it on a cotton pad, slightly push the pad on your lashes for a few seconds until it dissolves the cosmetics and then one swipe and it’s gone! (An extra tip: take extra care of your eyemakeup products: Never use products after their expiry date and never share your mascara/eyeliner/eyepencil.)


Lipstick: Take the LEAD?


In this list, lipsticks are the least “dangerous” but still we have to talk about them. It’s known that lipsticks (even products from leading brands) contains metal particles such as aluminium, titanium, chromium and lead…especially red lipsticks. It’s weird to think about it, that you actually slowly poisoning yourself with wearing lipstick daily. (you lick it, swallow it etc.)


Most probably at the end of the day you already have only a little left from your lipstick, but not if you have long-lasting ones on. Lip products are drying on the long run so if you want to avoid flaky, dried lips, then always remove every last stain of your lipstick and use a hydrating lip balm before sleep.


sleeping in makeup



I hope the above list was convincing enough, and next time when you had a long evening, or you just feel lazy still you will make sure to remove your makeup before going to sleep.


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3 thoughts on “3 Dirty Reasons Why You Should Never Go To Sleep With Your Makeup On!

  1. Wow! I’m going to stop sleeping with my makeup on, thank you for this post!

    1. annaszoke says:

      I’m really glad that the article worked. I know it’s really hard sometimes, -when we had an extra long working day or a rough night- but this 5 minute extra care has to fit in our routine in order to avoid bad skin. Nice blog btw! 🙂

  2. Kirsten says:

    I didn’t know this! Now I’m going to remove my foundation even more than I already do. Thanks! Beautiful blog.

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