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February 20, 2018 at 1:57 pm

My Favourite Youtube Beauty Gurus

My Favourite Youtube Beauty Gurus

For me watching some beauty tutorials or product reviews on Youtube is the ultimate Sunday afternoon activity. As a makeup artist I highly appreciate when I see the professionalism in the work of these Youtubers, and their reviews and techniques inspires me a lot. If you want to learn some handy tips or just dive into the world of beauty for a while, then browse through my all time favourite Youtube beauty vloggers list!


1. Michelle Phan

The Queen of all beauty vloggers with more than 7.400.000 subscribers and with her own beauty brand. I love her truly professional videos, and I found that the greatest thing in her tutorials that she really comes up with unexpected and entertaining content. As a GOT fan for me this was a must see video for example:



2. Carli Bybel

This incredibly beautiful american vlogger collected over 2.300.000 subscribers over the years with her fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos. She is very likable and her tutorials are amazing and easy to understand.



3. Lisa Eldridge

The British Professional Makeup Artist’s channel is something that can really teaches you the secrets of the industry. Lisa gained over 1.000.000 subscribers with her amazing reviews and tutorials. Throughout her career, she has maintained a high editorial profile working with many of the world’s top fashion photographers, in addition, she has collaborated with many of the world’s top fashion houses on their advertising campaigns and fashion shows including Chloe, Prada or Donna Karan. The list of celebrities she has made-up includes names such as Kate Winslet, Katy Perry, Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, Kate Moss, and Salma Hayek. /source So if you want to really acquire something watching beauty tutorials, Lisa’s channel is the best place to start!



4. Estée Lalonde or better known as Essiebutton

When I really want to switch off, I watch Essiebutton’s videos. This Canadian (but now Londoner) vlogger has more than 792.000 subscriptions and famous for being supercute, fun and like a BFF. Also an extra that she shares great advices on the more affordable (drugstore) side of beauty.



5. Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie is an extremely talented Dutch makeup artist who owns The Netherland’s number 1 most subscribed (650.000 subs.) and most watched beauty channel. I found her videos very creative and entertaining not to mention she is really funny! Check out this tutorial inspired by the latest Hunger Games movie.



For more great Youtube vloggers check this site out: (You can even suggest a link here if you find out that your favourite is missing)



Who is your favourite Youtube Beauty Guru? Would you like to see some video tutorials from me in the future?

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