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Get A Winter Glow!

Get A Winter Glow!

Want to sparkle up your winter makeup looks a little? Why don’t you try some serious highlighting? Dewy skin is not anymore “Summer ONLY”. For tips and tricks and to know the best natural highlighters read on. Come on get your winter glow now!


Radiant skin is associated with summer, and golden-bronze looks. But wait! What about the Ice Queens and their silvery sparkling looks. There is place for glowing in every season, you just have to know how to do it right!


Highlighting is all about playing with lights and reflections, emphasizing your features and creating a radiant healthy (just moisturized) look. To reach this you have to know which products to use and where to apply them.


best natural highlighters


There are three most important areas what we usually highlight when creating a makeup look:

  • Top of the cheekbones + temples
  • Brow bones
  • Cupid’s bow


In addition you can apply a little on the forehead and on the bridge of your nose as well. However when applying a glowy base or primer products you can use them all over your face under your foundation. When blending them into one delicate layer it will look like your skin is naturally glowing and luminescent.


You can use moisturizers “pimped” with sparkles, skin illuminators, or any other radiance boosting bases and primers, highlighter liquids, gels or illuminating powders etc. It’s important to know your skin tones when selecting highlighting products; pinkish highlighters are not working well on yellowish undertones but match perfectly with very pale skin. Goldish highlighters are great with olive and yellow undertones.


Before buying any kind of highlighting products, (let’s say bases, highlighters or powders) always check on the back of your hand if they are blending well and not too obvious and sparkling. Keep that in mind that we are trying to reach a very natural look!


Best Natural Highlighters


I have a couple of recommendations, some products that I’m using regularly and really satisfied with them and some that has very great “name” amongst the online community of green beauty lovers;


Lily Lolo- Sculpt & Glow Contour Duo (21 EUR)


This product is one of my favourite when it comes to highlighting. The duo comes with a darker matt shade for contouring and a sparkly (yet very subtle) highlighter to emphasize your features. I’m using this kit on a daily basis, and I’m super happy with the simple, natural glow it gives. I put it on my cheeks, and on my eyelids as an “eyeshadow” and it looks amazing.


best natural highlighters


RMS Beauty – Living Luminizer (31 USD)


This must be the most famous highlighter in the green beauty world, and it really has it all. It’s a creamy highlighter that provides an ethereal glow. A little goes a long way, one tap into the pot and then to the “designated areas” and BAMM it’s a whole new world. My favourite feature of this product is the fact that how easily it blends, it’s melting into your skin…simply wonderful.


best natural highlighters


INIKA – Certified Organic Light Reflecting Cream (25,5 EUR)


This wonderful products is great, because you can use it on it’s own – dab it to the areas mentioned above – or if you mix a drop into your liquid foundation you can use it to create a full illuminating base. It’s creamy texture works well with a brush or simply with your fingertips too.


best natural highlighters


Lavera – Soft Glowing Highlighter (14,5 EUR)


I’m more and more into Lavera makeup products these days. I was a big fan of their lipstick range and then I started to explore their face range and found great concealer and also this fab little highlighter cream. It’s available in 2 shades, so either you have warm or cool undertones in your complexion you’ll find a match. That’s also a benefit that it’s very affordable, so even if you are not wearing highlighter on a daily basis it worth the investment.


best natural highlighters


100% Pure – Luminating Cream (22 EUR)


It’s an easy to apply and very subtle little highlighter that’s available in 3 different shades (northern light for cooler, moonlight for pearly white glow, and starlight for the warmer undertones). It comes in a “lipgloss” kinda packaging with a sponge headed applicator, so you can dot it in the areas you’d like to “embrace” and then dab it with your fingertips until it blends equally.


best natural highlighters

Are you using highlighters often? If yes, what is your go to product?

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18 thoughts on “Get A Winter Glow!

  1. Amalia says:

    Wow, I love your technique and you can really show how nice it looks! I love the Lavera Highlighter and i’s very affordable too, X

  2. Laurence says:

    Wow, you got a nice collection from Lavera. I haven’t tried that too. Will make this reference when I see highlighter cream.

  3. Macy says:

    Sculpt and Glow by Lily Lolo looks like the best of both world. I normally use highlighter from MAC but it took my ages to finish it !

  4. Jhilmil says:

    Oh I love this info you’ve shared so much..I had least knowledge about highlighters but yes I paid lit focus on cheek bones and brows..shall try some of the highlighters you’ve shared!

  5. Soonjoo says:

    I love RMS brand they really works for my skin to give highlight and they are vitally last long too!

  6. I LOVE highlighter, I use powder and cream! I haven’t heard of any of these brands though so will have to look into them x

  7. I love highlighters, I never quite feel finished without one and think it really makes a look! Especially for photographs. I’m currently using a Younique one and love it

  8. I haven’t had a try on highlighters in my beauty routine but I can actually see that they help to emphasize on one’s facial features and create a radiant healthy look other than ugly shines on the face. Thanks for the recommendation.

  9. Thanks for these useful beauty tips. Off to check out the brands mentioned.

  10. Roby H. says:

    Awesome! My sister absolutely loves tips like these. This is exactly the kind of stuff she freaks out about. Bet gift giving is gonna be much easier this year 🙂

  11. Laura Dove says:

    Ooh I love highlighters, I am all over them at the moment! They make such a huge difference to your face, especially in the winter!

  12. Your skin looks gorgeous! This is a really helpful guide for how/what highlighters to use! I’ll have to pick one of these up 🙂

  13. Vasundhra says:

    These highlighters look great and thanks for sharing your tips! They make such a huge difference to the way we look!

  14. Alison Rost says:

    Highlighters are perfect for completing your look! I think it’s awesome that you’re sharing the best ones. I really like the natural/no make-up look.

  15. toastycritic says:

    I don’t have a product, but I will be showing my daughter this post. She is getting interested in makeup and I know I would have a hard time teacher her about it.

  16. elenasts says:

    I never use highlighters, and after seeing your photo I think that I was missing a lot. I have to give it a try, thanks to you 🙂

  17. I was using a Revlon highlighter but it got over last month.It had a rose tint but it looked okay even though I have a tanned complexion. I am looking for a new one now that has a golden tint and great to have come across your post. I am checking out all the products from your list now 🙂

  18. blamod says:

    Great inspirations 🙂


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