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January 19, 2018 at 9:43 am

How To Get Back In Shape After The Holiday Season?

How To Get Back In Shape After The Holiday Season?

The festive season is all about love, happiness and… food. It’s not a surprise that we gain weight and sometimes we feel really awful after this “over-eated” two weeks. But as the well known saying tells “New Year – New Me” so January is a perfect time to schedule some cleansing and detoxifying. I picked 3 natural cure to help you feel better in your body again.

NOTE: If you are taking any medication or if you are pregnant please consult with your GP before starting any of the cures. The below mentioned remedies might affect the absorption of the medicines so they have to be approved by a doctor!


The miracles of Apple-Cider Vinegar


Everyone knows that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apple is a wonderful fruit full with the goodness of nature, it’s slimming, cleansing and helps your digestion. But Apple Cider Vinegar takes all this on a whole new level. It contains 5 fat-burning mechanisms, speeds up your metabolism, kills harmful bacterias in your body, gives you better skin and finally you can say good bye to bloating.


how to get back in shape after the holiday season



How to use it?

Do this for 2 weeks as a cure: Every morning and evening take 1 tablespoon of ACV mixed in a glass of water. It has a weird taste, but we aren’t taking it for gourmet experience, aren’t we? During your two week cure, try to avoid drinking coffee and black tea, and drink a lot of water, because this all helps your cleansing be even more successful.


Fairy Dust for mainting a proper pH equilibrium: Sodium Bicarbonate


It’s there in every household, and it has plenty of health benefits that I bet you don’t know about yet. It helps balancing your PH (acid-alkali levels), it fights against all the bad stuff (meats, fish, dairy products, most grains, sugars, alcohol and caffeinated drinks) that you take in and what can cause your system to be too acidulous. SB also great to fight agains skin infections and fungus.


how to get back in shape after the holiday season



How to use it?

Do not overuse Sodium Bicarbonate. Have a 2 week long cure but then stop. During this 2 week period take one teaspoon of SB dissolved in a big glass of water every morning and evening (In the morning, take it on empty stomach). You can also have an SB bath that detoxifies the whole body: Spread 3 Tablespoon of Sodium Bicarbonate in the water and take a 25 minutes bath in it.


It’s more than a cure, it’s a lifestyle: Drinking Lemon Water


During the winter season taking enough Vitamin C is crucial. Lemon is famous for containing high amounts of this amazing vitamin and strenghtening your immune system. It also has slimming effects, helps your digestion, maintains a great PH balance (just as Sodium Bicarbonate), detoxifies, making your skin look more beautiful and healthy and also reduces the oiliness of the scalp and hair.


how to get back in shape after the holiday season



How to use it?

Drinking lemon water has no side effects or any risks so you can do it as long as you wish. Some people adapted it to they daily routine on the long run, and they swear to the positives effects of this morning tea/coffee replacer. The main thing is to have your lemon water (glass of water – hot or cold as you wish- with a great amount of lemon in it NO SUGAR OR SWEETENER) on empty stomach the first thing after you wake up. This healthy shot will boost up your system from the beginning of the day. If you want to enjoy the slimming effects of it as well, or you want an extra shield against flu during the cold months, have a 2 week cure while you are mixing 1 glass of water with the liquid of one full lemon every morning.


Have you ever tried any of the above mentioned practices? If yes, please tell me about your experiences!


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17 thoughts on “How To Get Back In Shape After The Holiday Season?

  1. capitalmonday says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips!

  2. Inbar Shahak says:

    i have never heard of drinking Sodium Bicarbonate, i only use it to clean my silver jewelries, that actually sound very interesting, I’ve heard about lemon water, never manage to keep up with that

    1. annaszoke says:

      Sodium Bicarbonate is a real miracle, you can use it for various things; cleaning around the house, for cooking, and even in beauty rituals.

  3. Laura Dove says:

    My husband drinks apple cider vinegar every morning, he swears by it! I haven’t tried any of these, I have stomach issues and have to steer away from acids. Great advice though!

  4. Kimberly C. says:

    I have not tried these remedies before, but have heard great things about ACV. I for one am old-school…. Just go to the gym and get it over with and clean up the diet. However, never hurts to try something else.

    1. annaszoke says:

      Hitting the gym is awesome, and getting enough exercise is crucial for a successful diet. These methods are more of a “kick starter” kind of help, that can help you feel more energized, and put you in the mood for more “active time”= exercise.

  5. Rose says:

    I have heard of the apple cider vinegar drink. I have not heard of the second concept though. I have not tried either but would be more likely to try the first one.

  6. This is a fascinating post! I have tried lemon water and apple cider vinegar but did not know about all these benefits! Definitely picking those back up. Also never knew about Sodium Bicarbonate! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. I have been indulging and overeating since October. It is time I try to whip myself back in shape!

  8. Jhilmil says:

    So I have confirmed to ACV cure for 2 weeks starting from tomorrow. Can I use any brand or some specific?

    1. annaszoke says:

      If you have the chain Holland & Barrett where you live try theirs, but if not then the most important is to search for organic ACV. There is a lot of variations on the market but you should stick with the most natural as possible.

  9. Thanks for sharing such great tips…i knew about the SB and lemon water but now Apple cider adds up to my list

  10. Ami Rose says:

    This is just what I needed to read. Thank you for sharing your tips. I make an effort to drink Lemon Water in the morning when possible and always heard about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar but have never put it into action.

    Ami xxx

  11. Deepak says:

    Thanks for the wonderful information. Health is the real wealth. I regularly drink lemon water and it gives me energy and freshness.

  12. Victoria says:

    I have used the Apple Cider vinegar and drinking the lemon water for weight loss. It’s quite effective so long as you do it continuously. Thanks for sharing.

  13. London Mumma says:

    I have heard so many great things about Apple Cider Vinegar and Im off to buy some tomorrow to see if it at actually truly works.

  14. I haven’t tried any of these before though I do drink aloe juice every morning that helps detoxify. I will have to try the Sodium Bicarbonate as it is so easily available in the kitchen all the time.

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