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January 19, 2018 at 9:42 am

How To Fake A Full 8 Hour Sleep?*

How To Fake A Full 8 Hour Sleep?*

Sometimes it happens that you can’t get enough sleep. Long working hours, a crying baby or just a great party? It doesn’t matter anymore. Thanks to the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask you can have fresh and sparkly eyes in 15 minutes! I’m telling you how.

This innovative beauty product can really make a difference in your appearance. The box comes with 4 set of masks which is good for a month (1 pack/week),  the interesting 2 chamber system makes the whole process quite fun. So let’s start; when you wake up and you see that your eyes are puffy, the fine lines are deeper than usual and your whole face just look so tired because of this all, then it’s time to apply an “energy drink for your eyes”.




You have to apply the eye mask on clean & dry face. The first compartment has the marine collagen eye mask in it, and the second chamber contains the activating fluid. Push the second chamber until all the liquid goes into chamber 1 and soaks the eye masks.




Once the pads are completely soaked in the activation fluid, peel the back of the package and apply the eye mask VERY CAREFULLY (it’s very easy to tear it accidentally). Then sit back and relax, or do a little dance as I did! 🙂




I experienced a slight tingling sensation, that might make this product a bit too strong to the ones with sensitive under eye area. After 15 minutes remove the pads and massage the excess into the area. For me it worked great; it completely removed the puffiness, brightened the under eye area and most importantly made it soft and smooth, so when I applied my makeup I didn’t face with the usual lines and creasing with my concealer.


(NL ) If you interested in the product visit this link.

(UAE) If you interested in the product visit this link.

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3 thoughts on “How To Fake A Full 8 Hour Sleep?*

  1. blomman82 says:

    Beautiful blog you have! I appreciate make up but my problem is that I’m too lazy to put it on most of the times…:P

    1. annaszoke says:

      Thank You very much! Sometimes it’s the best just to go natural, the main thing about makeup is to enjoy when you’re applying it, when you’re wearing it. If you feel you have to force yourself to put on some, it’s better not to 🙂

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