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January 19, 2018 at 9:42 am

The Best Eyeliner Styles

The Best Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner is something VERY important when it comes to make up. The perfection and precision are a must to apply it well and make it look good, but if you do it great, it can change your whole look. Eyeliner gives you a definition and also a wide range of options to make your eyes look bigger/smaller, more shaped or just simply highlighted.


When it comes to products and tools we can separate 4 groups: the pencil types, the liquid ones, the traditional kohl’s or eye pencils or the gelish eyeliners. To be honest my favourite is the gelish which you have to apply with a sharp angled brush. This is not easy , but it gives you the best results. Unfortunately when you looking for the blackest black eyeliner options, most of the time the liquid ones has much more and brighter black pigments than the gelish types.


eyeliner styles

There are several styles and options what you can choose from: you’d better test and try which one fits the most to your personal style and -the most important- to your eyeshape.

Below I will show you four famous eyeliner styles which made a huge impact on the history of make-up and all in connection with a well known style icon.


Classic beauty – Audrey Hepburn



The key is the thin and immaculate line which has a little bend at the outer corner, and the infinite eyelashes (for a little tuning don’t be afraid to use false lashes!)


Femme fatale – Liz Taylor



The seductive Cleopatra look with the bright blue eyeshadow ( I used M.A.C “Freshwater”) is way too much for an usual weekday, but you can adapt it to that. The secret is the full contour around your eyes, even without the XXL wings and the strong eyeshadow, your eyes will take it all!


Quirky retro – Twiggy



This funny look was created by the famous british model Twiggy – in the 60’s – and it inspires even the big Andy Warhol. The extra eyeliner above your crease line, and the additional individual lashes at the bottom line make this look unique.


Pin-up – Amy Winehouse



The  rebellious singer left behind dozens of incredible songs and her signature makeup as a heritage. This thick, characteristic black line with the extra long wings is definitely created for the brave girls.


Which one is your favourite?


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