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September 21, 2017 at 4:59 am

Dia De Los Muertos – The Traditional Mexican Sugar Skull Makeup Look Tutorial

Dia De Los Muertos – The Traditional Mexican Sugar Skull Makeup Look Tutorial

This look is the ultimate hit at this years Halloween parties! With the Sugar Skull Makeup the focus is on your face you don’t really have to invest a full costume. This look requires some fake roses in your hair, and some colorful clothing (scarf etc.) if you want to follow the traditional “dress code”. But you can keep it scary and plain dressing only in black.


You will need time, and patience to create the look, but it’s absolutely worth it!

1, Moisturize your face! I suggest to use a mattifying primer. Give time to your skin to absorb it before you start the next step! (Don’t forget to treat your lips as well!)

2, Cover the whole face, -avoiding the eye area, and the tip of your nose- with a creamy white face paint. (I used nothing extra but the first what I found at the party store)

3, Then fill the eye area, with a soft black eye pencil, or use the classic kajal for it (I love the Blue Heaven, Indian Kajal, it’s so easy to work with it, and gives you amazing deep black colour). Then you have to create the skull’s nose, either you cover it fully with the black colour, or leaves a gap between like I did).

4, Here comes the THING; the details. You need to be very careful when you draw the “petals” around your eyes. I suggest to use a regular black eye pencil to draw the frame, and then a strong red lip pencil to fill them with colour.

5, Paint your lips white with the same product what you used on your face. Then use the black eye pencil to draw a horizontal line through the lips, and then create the “stitches”.

6, The base is done, the rest is depending on you and on your creativity. You can draw more flowers , or spiderweb on your forehead and chin, or for more “halloween” add some extra scars (The same how you did on your lips). Options are unlimited! Check out my Hotel Transylvania tutorial  for more inspiration!


sugar skull makeup


Happy Halloween Berries!

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